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1. Replace your filter on a regular basis. In the summer replace it at least once a month. It will
keep your electric bills lower and also keep your unit running better. Dirty filters restrict air
flow and can cause damage to the compressor. Dirty filters also cause the unit to ice up.  
2. Try not to short cycle your unit. If you know it has been running, wait 5 minutes before you
turn it back on. Short cycling your unit may cause damage to the compressor. They are not   
designed to start up as soon as they are turned off. This will overheat the compressor and
kick it off on the internal overload. It may take over an hour to cool down and start again. 
This also causes the start winding in the compressor to burn out.
3. Have your unit serviced by a licensed company twice a year. The motors will be oiled and 
controls checked. The refrigerant levels will be checked and operation. A good technician will
check the copper lines to make sure they are not rubbing, they cause leaks. In the heat mode
different controls are used that are not used in the cool mode.  That is why it is good to have 
it serviced twice a year. Check your warranty, most have a statement saying that if you don't  
have it serviced it will void your warranty.  
4. Have your gas furnace checked for carbon monoxide levels. Better to be safe, an old heat
exchanger may be cracked and letting carbon monoxide into the house. A simple check with a 
tool can tell you if you have any problems. A clean and blue burning pilot is a must.    
5. Check the Better Business Bureau for the track record of whoever you have do any service
work, not just for Air Conditioning and Heating but any house hold service.